Sunday, March 7, 2010

to someone

hey hey listen up!!
are you now addicted to the vampire diaries too???????

owh come on honey they are not that hot but,, but oh you just love the story, right?..big demmmm..aargghh hate it when you got addicted to something..enough with addiction to chocolates and icecreams and blablabla....

ok dear you should take a very good care of yourself...especially on what you eat..fasting should be the best remedy for any addiction..yeah..fasting..

plus, you shouldnt waste any of your precious time and money anymore..you should study harder, and try your very best to save money..you have to pay for your extra classes fees remember? also dont forget about getting new pair of spectacles, and those braces thingy...notes...and you dont even have much money left in the bank..hahahah...poor you la dear..one good news, its still not late until its too late..so please la WAKE UP!!!

oh please please for your own sake, you must take care of everything carefully, fix everything asap..final exam is just around the corner, and you sure want to succeed so that you could spend your summer break with all your beloved ones in malaysia ..right huh?

now what are you waiting for? GO FOR IT!! do you hear me?? GO FOR IT!!!!

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