Friday, December 18, 2009

1431, how will i be?

1Muharram 1431..Salam Ma'al Hijrah, selamat tahun baru, happy new year..Farewell 1430, i've logged out and will log in into another account..new one..still the same me, but hopefully will be at least a bit better me..Haih..

1430, a year with a lot n lot n lots of lessons..some are good, n some are not very good..but that is life..
1430, the very precious journey that i've went through..i've faced so much things, uncountable difficulties, hardness, sadness, bitterness..but, i feel so grateful to Al-Khaliq, Most Merciful, Most Gracious, that i could still stand on my own, marching my own steps, reaching the brightest star i've ever dreamed of..and i know that sweetness, brightness, joys, or even smiles might not be possible if i don't have Allah by my side..Without His mercy, without guidance from my family, without supports from my greatest besties (from pre school to Al-Irsyad Islamic Primary School to Al-Ihsan Islamic Secondary School to SMK Abdul Rahman Talib to Pahang Matriculation College to where i'm now, Faculty of Dentistry Mansoura University), without my beloved Mohamad Amirul's cares n trust n love,,,without them all, my world will surely be nothing! Me, Hanan Amirah, might just be a useless-empty can..

so,my main azam for this year will still be the same as last year, just with stronger belief and 101% determination, i'will surely and definitely strive for mumtaz!, for the sake of beautiful Islam, for my dearest family n chenta, for my besties darlings, for myself, and for everyone i know. I've set my mind to be mentally and physically prepared for winning this battles..Although this path will never be easy, but i know that i'm not alone..and i believe that there is always something..
To all my friends, let us do our best together..let us cry together when we fall, let us stand up together again n climb higher, n let us win our own battle together! no matter which path we are heading, no matter where our battlefield is, no matter how we are going to make it, i wish that we could bring it on together..So that we can share the joyful moment together, so that we can spread the smile together, so that we can all be the sparkling charming stars, so that we will never regret,  so that we together can do something for Islam..

here,i dedicate this simple n short yet full of motivation lyrics to me myself n you ;

umat Islam harus cemerlang
hari ini mesti lebih baik dari semalam
dari semalam
jangan buang masa
siapa kata kita tidak boleh
kita punya Allah Maha Kuasa
kita punya kuasa tenaga
doa sebagai senjata
umat Islam sentiasa boleh


faz said...

ya, salam maal hijrah juga!

mashi_amie said...

i know u'll be great..wish u all the best dear..
uhibbuki jamman..

aLam maya said...

hepy new year hanan! semoga sukses selalu :)

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